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Security Guard Services in San Francisco, CA


Unlike the Metropolitan Police Department here in the city, private security is entrusted to limited strategic areas. We may be deployed in department stores, restaurants or banks. Our beat may be the local mall or an entertainment venue.

Highly trained private security officers in San Francisco offer excellent coverage to deter individuals who are intent on property damage. The fact of the matter is, over the last several decades, violent crime has consistently decreased across the country. However, property damage, theft, unlawful loitering continues to be an issue that the average business must confront.

Our staff can help with all your security needs; from security consulting to deploying our uniformed officers in strategic positions to deter those were looking to cause problems. These security professionals are highly trained and well-equipped to perform their duties. Each applicant is screened and undergo a thorough background check before they are considered for the position.


Our officers are experienced in security matters, but also just as important, they are well trained to interface with the public. Our highly qualified staff on the go screenings and evaluations for any physical or mental defect which may prohibit the performance of their duties. Prior criminal records or felony convictions as well as prior history of substance abuse are automatic disqualifications for applicants looking to enter our employment.

Whether they are covering event security for a private function at one of the prestigious events along Pier 39 or working retail security on Fillmore Street, our security personnel are experts in loss prevention as well as crowd control. They are well trained in strategies for isolating and mitigating potential conflict. In many cases, it's not enough to have a security presence; the ability to anticipate problems before they occur is an important skill for personal and commercial security.


Comprehensive training and candidate selection only two of the reasons why our turnover ratio is extremely low. Demanding more from our officers while providing comprehensive training and support not only keep morale high, it translates into superior performance. San Francisco security details tend to be demanding because of its dense population in the fast-moving environment. Our clients receive all the benefits afforded by the care and training required by our officers.

Our staff follows stringent security guard service rules for both armed and unarmed details. Whether they are assigned to industrial security to protect against property damage or theft or in charge of security surveillance detail, our staff consistently proves their value to our clients. These qualifications are important when selecting a security guard for our San Francisco Clients whether the need is for:

Airport Security

Armed Security Guards

College Campus Security

Construction Site Security

Corporate Security

Executive Protection

Financial Bank Security

Hospital Security Guards

Loss Prevention Consultation

Mall Security Guard Services

Office Building Security


Private Security Guards

Residential Security

Retail Stores

School Security Detail

Security Consulting

Special Event Security

Sport Event Security

Temporary Security Guards

Unarmed Security Guards

Vehicle Patrol Officers

Video Surveillance

Warehouse Security

Getting started with our service is uncomplicated and convenient. Contact our office in town and let us know what your requirements are. We offer initial security consultation and rates at no cost to your company. If you need complement of services for long term arrangements. We are happy to make special arrangements for your needs.

We have offices in several cities around the US if your requirements call for multiple locations. We offer services that are custom fitted to the needs of the client; whether that means developing a late night employee escort option or additional perimeter patrol in the event of strikes or labor disputes.


Seasonal increases in both personnel and shoppers can create chaos for any retail store. We work to keep the holidays cheerful for all concerned. Our staff is expert in de-escalating conflicts, focusing on emergency readiness, threat assessments and crowd control. Although our professional staff are trained to take decisive action when necessary, they are also uniquely adept at customer service and are familiar with the complexity of retail culture.



Our convenient payment plans and online billing make the process easy for your budget and your time. If your company needs security guard service, it's important to have an experienced and professional team supporting you. Our San Francisco security guard service offers proven reliability and experience to handle a comprehensive array of security conditions.

Protecting your assets, employees and your clients are paramount to your security needs, but we go one step further; we also focus on protecting your company's image and integrity. Your reputation is also important to your overall prosperity; and our team strives to secure that aspect of your business as well through our professionalism.

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