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Bodyguard Services

Professional Bodyguard Services Tailor Made For You

There’s no need to worry about your safety any longer. Here at Guard Security we take pride in the outstanding personal bodyguard services we offer. Our mission is to provide high quality personal protection that caters to the utmost convenience of our clients, without breaking the bank.

Affordable Personal Bodyguard Services

We understand the power of peace of mind. So for us it’s important to offer our clients high-level personal protection that’s also affordable. We rise above our competition in New York and Los Angeles because we never charge a call-out fee - keeping your costs at a minimum. We’re truly committed to your safety.

Professional Bodyguard Services You Can Trust

Guard Security professional bodyguard services are delivered by highly trained and licensed security officers that will serve you with professionalism and dedication. We follow an extremely detailed recruitment process to select only the best professionals for the job. We provide professional bodyguards, in plain clothes, that are armed or unarmed, at any time of day you need them. You tell us what you need and we’ll surpass your expectations.

Our Bodyguard Protection Services Include:


  • Personal Bodyguard Services
  • Executive VIP Protection
  • Event Security​
  • Corporate Security
  • Celebrity Bodyguards
  • Private Security
  • Armed Security
  • Personal Protection
  • Personal Security

Protect What Matters Most - Anywhere in LA and NYC

We’ve got you covered – from New York To Los Angeles. There’s no need to risk your safety now that you have access to affordable, high-level bodyguard protection services anywhere you want to travel in New York.

We Care About Your Personal Protection

At Guard Security we’re known for the high level of service we provide to our clients. We understand that your security depends on bodyguard protection services that cater to your lifestyle and unique requirements. We always provide you with bodyguards that are the perfect match for your needs.​

Don't Leave Your Personal Safety To Chance

Our bodyguards are highly skilled professionals charged with the personal security of individuals or group of individuals. Often, they work with political figures, corporate leaders, celebrities and other people who are at the possibility of personal attack or threat. When you hire the service of these professionals in New York or Los Angeles, a reputable personal bodyguard service company will arrange for one or more of their trained professionals to identify potential danger, accompany you to public events, take actions to keep you safe and skillfully identify escape routes. In reality, most bodyguards work alone but can also work as part of a security team. Over all, they often stay close to their clients to inspect the surrounding and prevent dangerous situations from happening. For your professional bodyguard protection services, Guard Security has top notch licensed and certified executive protection agents who are experienced in carrying firearms or tasers after undergoing specialized industry-standard training and certification to enable them to use this equipment in a case of emergency.

In today’s business environment and lingering crime rates, there are numerous reasons to hire a  bodyguard. At Guard Security, we have trained our personal protection guards to be at alert for anything and handle every assignment with the best regard for details, discretion and professionalism. 

Personal Protection

Personal protection is another common reason most people hire the service of a bodyguard. Our Bodyguards protection services are specifically used by people who are in a potential danger of personal threats or attacks. Personal security bodyguards help many people who are being threatened or stalked.

Also, it is important to emphasize that a personal protection service is available 24/7, even on holidays, during weekends or nights. Our security service company also prioritize the safety of our clients and provide multiple security professionals in a rotating shift to keep our clients safe all the time. Since the task of the personal protection guard is to protect the client all day, our services are not limited to any particular city or location and the personal protection service also covers moving with the clients to anywhere; from meetings or office places to social events, public places or concerts. As the number one security company in Los Angeles and New York, we properly arrange our activities so that the expected task of protection is perfectly executed. At the same time, however, our licensed bodyguards are trained to adapt to act independently if such need arises.

In general, our personal protection bodyguard service often includes closely monitor children to prevent them from being kidnapped. Most Americans hire bodyguard personnel from Guard Security to design safe routes of travel and provide alternative backup routes. A 2010 reports of New York Security services reported that most people opt for a personal protection service for them to be safe and without compromising their privacy. We guaranteed you these services with a pocket-friendly budget that meets your business and personal needs. 

Executive Protection

Over the past few years, most Americans prefer hiring the service of an executive personal protection from Guard Security. Globally, there are numerous factors that raise serious security concerns in the business and private sectors. High profile businessmen, celebrities or politicians are often vulnerable when moving around or traveling for important meetings, political campaigns or handling highly sensitive assets, information or materials. The executive protection specialists from Guard Security play an important role during labor disputes, hostile termination, planned travel, special events and the transport of important assets. The service of an executive protection guard includes driving the clients to and from business locations. Depending on the agreement signed with the security protection company, a bodyguard professional can combine protecting the clients with driving them around. As a result, the hired private protection guard from our company will provide adequate protection during the periods of traveling. Part of the services includes carrying out an initial sweep of the meeting spaces and check the vehicles to be used for IED devices and bomb.