About Us

The fact is that crime statistics are often reported in a confusing and misleading manner. When the news media reports on crime, they often do so for ratings growth rather than public knowledge. When we research crime statistics, it’s to determine the local effect of criminal behavior in relation to our clients’ wellbeing.

Guard Security acts as a buffer zone for our clients in areas that have demonstrated higher incidences of criminal activities such as breaking and entering, robberies and even arson. We focus on assisting our clients with a multi-pronged approach to crime prevention. Guards who are visibly present help to deter those who are looking to commit crimes of opportunity. Covert surveillance helps to spot those who are operating behind the scenes to take advantage of our clients.

Our company covers a variety of missions in different cities around the country. Our staff works alongside corporate heads, celebrities, and shopkeepers. Their goals are always the same; take care of the client’s assets, their people and their integrity. Guard Security offers more than a person in a uniform. We provide protection when it’s needed for as long as it’s needed.

We protect businesses from loss in four ways:

  1. Direct intervention among those who seek to steal from them
  2. Physical presences on the scene as a deterrent
  3. Covert surveillance to prevent criminal activity from the inside
  4. Personal protection / Bodyguards

We work alongside our clients to operate seamlessly in the background to get the job done with minimum disruption to their daily activities. We put in place safety measures to ensure that in the event of an emergency, our clients’ property, employees and others are secure. Our team can offer security patrols in marked or unmarked vehicles as well as on foot.

We provide a group extremely trained and well educated security officers experienced and equipped to deal with and eliminate all your safety issues. Our security solutions are tailor made for our commercial customers and are very effective at discouraging criminal activity as well as promoting a safe atmosphere for both workers and customers.

Security companies provide many options, such as:

  • Standing guard watch
  • Parking lot security
  • Fire watch
  • Event security
  • Logistics
  • Foot patrol
  • Mobile patrol

We can provide all this and more at a very reasonable and affordable rates. All our guards combined have multiple decades of experience. They are trusted by our clients with the task of designing very effective security strategies to meet their specific security needs.

Our officers are experienced in security matters, but also just as important, they are well trained to interface with the public. Our highly qualified staff undergoes extensive screenings and evaluations. Their goal is to manage their overall safety needs.

Each applicant is screened and undergo a thorough background check prior to they're considered for the position. Prior criminal records or felony convictions as well as prior history of substance abuse are automatic disqualifications for applicants looking to enter our employment.

They are trained to anticipate situations that may result in physical or verbal conflict during the course of their duties and can de-escalate those situations before they become hostile. Having such personnel around adds to the comfort level of clients, office professionals and their customers. They go beyond the call of duty for them, which is a testament to their commitment as professionals.

Our armed security guards are also accessible around the clock. They bring extensive law enforcement training and experience for the benefit of our clients. They're available to meet your firm's safety needs at a moment's notice for short-term or long-term assignments.

The employees in our field offices are here to help with all security needs; from security consulting to deploying our uniformed officers in strategic positions. We all work in tandem to deter anyone looking to trigger problems for our clients. These safety professionals are highly educated and well-equipped to perform their duties.

Our security company offers complete enterprise safety solutions, leveraging a global pool of skilled, certified analysts from its safety operations centers in a full service atmosphere. Our service offerings assist organizations by measuring and raising their safety posture; therefore, meeting their compliance and regulatory requirements.

If you wish to connect with us to get information on security guard services, go ahead and make the call today.

We are ready to serve you in the following cities:

  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • San Diego
  • San Francisco
  • San Jose
  • Seattle

Guard Security is available to tackle large and small accounts. If you need specialists in uniformed security officers, security patrols, security consultants or investigations, call our office today. We are here to help you with all your security needs.

Mission Statement


It is the Mission of Guard Security to be the industry leader in the field of professional security services. We do this by:

  • Providing quality and professional security services and personnel to our clients
  • Providing outstanding support services far above industry standards
  • Responding quickly to our clients
  • Providing the latest technological tools to facilitate our operation and services
  • Supporting our staff in the field
  • Being accountable for our actions
  • Continuing to develop new practices and operational guidelines to ensure that our services are the best
  • Caring about our clients and the communities we serve
  • Forging professional relationships with our clients

We are a team that is dedicated to being the best and growing together to reach the pinnacle of success. We strive to serve our clients better than any other security company and do what ever it takes to make our clients proud they chose Guard Security as their security provider. 

Code Of Ethics


The security officer shall:

  • Respond to employer's professional needs
  • Exhibit exemplary conduct
  • Protect confidential information
  • Maintain a safe and secure workplace
  • Dress to create professionalism
  • Enforce all lawful rules and regulations
  • Encourage liaison with public officers
  • Develop good rapport within the profession
  • Strive to attain professional competence
  • Encourage high standards of officer ethics 

Safety Procedures

General Safety Practices
The general principles of safety are to be observed by all employees while on-duty. Security guards are required to be alert and to be able to recognize possible danger and take the appropriate action to prevent injury to themselves and others. One of the primary duties of an officer is to provide for the safety of others. This is done by recognizing situations that can cause harm and rectifying them.

Safety Hazards
A security officer watches for:

  • Wet and slick floors
  • Broken glass and sharp objects which can cause injury
  • Poorly lit areas
  • Loose carpet
  • Protruding nails or screws
  • Loose or missing banisters
  • Exposed electrical wiring
  • Unsecured chemicals
  • Damaged emergency equipment
  • Ice on walkways and stairwells
  • Broken or damaged walkways and stairwells
  • Objects obstructing walkways, stairwells, hallways and fire exits
  • Any situation that may have the potential for harm

An accident will be defined as an incident in which a person or property becomes injured or damaged as the result of the non-intentional actions of another or oneself.

Reporting Accidents
Anytime a accident occurs that has caused harm or has the potential to cause harm to a persons or property it must be reported to a supervisor immediately. Failure to report an accident will result in disciplinary action. When an accident has occurred, the employee will contact his/her supervisor and make a report of the accident the employee will then fill out an employee report detailing the accident and how it happened. Once the employee has completed the employee incident report, it will be forwarded to the operations department for review. After a review has been made of the accident, the employee will be notified of the findings.

Reporting Accidental Injuries While On-Duty
In the event that an employee is injured while on-duty, he/she will immediately notify the shift supervisor and communications center (dispatch) about the injury, its severity and any need for medical aid. If an employee is unable to communicate the severity, the security guard can simply call, “Officer needs emergency assistance,” and the communications center will dispatch all available security officers to that location. Once an employee reports an injury, the shift supervisor will respond to the post and verify the injury and relieve the employee if necessary. If an employee is injured, he/she will complete all required Department of Labor and Industry forms as well as an employee-incident report prior to the end of the shift. In the event that an employee is unable to file the appropriate forms and reports due the severity of the injury, that guard will have time provided to them to complete the necessary forms and reports. If the employee is unable to write because of the injury, he/she may give a verbal statement and verify the information before it is submitted.

Safety Inspections
A duty of all security guards will be to perform safety inspections of their assigned posts. The inspections will be noted in their logs and inform management of possible safety and fire hazards they may otherwise be unaware of.

The need for effective lighting is essential for security operations. All security officers assigned to these post with exterior lighting will make note of all burned-out lights during their tour of duty. These lighting reports will be included in the site log for the property management to address. Officers will inspect non-functioning light standards for signs of vandalism and damage and make note of these checks.

Protective Equipment
Guard Security has special requirements for security officers assigned to certain posts. Some posts require that officers wear soft body armor and that some carry blood-borne pathogen kits and first aid pouches. This equipment will be denoted for those officers assigned to special post

Soft Body Armor
All officers assigned to post where the wearing of body armor has been advised, will wear their issued body armor under all circumstances while on-duty. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action up to reassignment. Officers will not use their issued soft body armor for personal use, unless the officer owns it.

Body armor is not provide by Guard Security unless required by the client. All personnel wishing to procure armor may purchase the armor with an Guard Security finance program, where the cost of the armor is deducted from the employee's pay over a period of six months

Latex Examination Gloves
All officers of Guard Security will carry while on-duty at least one (1) pair of high risk latex examination gloves. These gloves will be worn any time officer encounter any type of biohazard, to include: blood, fecal matter, urine, narcotics paraphernalia, persons of questionable health or hygiene and any unknown substance that may be toxic or hazardous to humans.

Bio-Hazard Kit
Security Guards assigned to post were the possibility of rendering first aid exist will be issued a bio-hazard kit that will include: latex examination gloves, one way valve CPR mask, antimicrobial towelette and bio-hazard disposal bag.

Sharps Containers
Guards who are assigned to areas with high narcotics activity will be provided with a sharps container for the safe disposal of needles and syringes. Officers will use the utmost caution when handling bio-hazard material.

Blood-borne Pathogens
Blood-borne pathogens are biological viruses and diseases that are carried in the blood and transferable through contact with bodily fluids.

Some of the more famous pathogens are HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B & C, Rabies Tuberculosis, Hanta virus and Ebola. It is very important that officers understand that exposure to persons with infectious illnesses is not fatal to them and that, by using protective measures and caution, security guards can avoid infection.

Protective Measures
All security officers are encouraged to always take the maximum amount of precautions in any situation involving contact with high risk persons or objects. Officers should always wear their high risk disposable gloves when encountering these types of persons or objects. After any contact with high risk persons or objects, officers should immediately decontaminate themselves by washing their hands with an antimicrobial soap or using a antimicrobial towelette to clean up. Cleaning any exposed equipment that may have come in contact during operations is likewise necessary. After any incident where physical contact has been made, officers should inspect themselves for any abrasions, lacerations and punctures. These should be reported to and inspected by medical personnel to ensure your health. All of the protective equipment in the world will not replace your common sense in situations involving blood-borne pathogens and contamination.

Vehicle Operation
Security patrol cars are for official use only and not for personal use. All employees who use a company vehicle for official use will follow the policy set forth in this section

Operations of Company Vehicles
All Guard Security vehicles are to be operated in safe manner with adherence to all motor vehicle laws and ordinances of the designated state and the government of the United States. Employees will obey all posted speed limits and traffic controls while operating company vehicles.

Use of Safety Equipment
While operating company vehicles, all employees will use all safety restraints (seatbelts while the vehicle is in motion. All employees who operate company vehicles will familiarize themselves with all safety equipment on the vehicle to include airbags, ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) and safety cutoff switch for fuel system.